Did you mean “Science and Coffee”, not “Science with Coffee”?

No. But that was the original title to this website.

20170806_081954 (1)

Figure 1. Typical morning writing and drinking coffee. 

To be frank, I am not exactly a coffee-connoisseur. Sure, I have been drinking coffee almost daily for at least 5 years now. But I only own 2 different coffee makers (french press and Keurig), and my coffee palate isn’t exactly what you would call “sensitive”.  Often times, I’m confused by those notes of flavor that are supposed to be there, but to me, they just aren’t. I just taste coffee. Also, to dismay of some true connoisseurs, I don’t even grind my own coffee beans fresh!

But I do consider myself a science-connoisseur (I don’t recall this phrase ever being used like this) and I often do science with coffee. I find that a lot of scientists intake copious amounts of coffee when they do their work. After 2 years of graduate school completed, I’m now surprised when I hear a new student joining the program to tell me of their dislike for coffee. That will change pretty soon, I always say.

The reason why I do science with coffee is a) because drinking coffee puts my brain into this “get ready to work” mode. Sometimes, I come into work unmotivated, undisciplined, and uninspired. But it seems to be that reset button that throws me back into that focus zone, ready to experiment, analyze, and hopefully uncover one of Mother Nature’s secrets.

Another reason is b) that coffee seems to facilitate really good scientific conversations. I recall numerous deep discussions I had with my advisor about our research over coffee. It’s the same story with other scientists that I get to interact with, either in daily life or conferences. Discussing science with someone who is more knowledgeable and smarter than you are is really fun, which is actually one of the biggest reasons why I am in science.

So that’s the reason why I named this website “Science with Coffee”. It comes from my personal experience as a graduate student in science. If alcohol is considered a social lubricant, then I think coffee would be a deep-discussion battery. You may find it to provide the energy to hold fun scientific discussions.

Do you find this to be your personal experience as well? Comment/share below!


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