About Us

In a cold winter of 2002, my family and I boarded a flight to U.S. from South Korea. You see, my father and mother had a dream: a better life for their sons in a new world. Despite EVERYTHING that they held dear in Korea- friends and family, old colleagues, and their mentors and students- my parents gave them up to raise us here. The four of us have been here since.

Since that time, I was lucky enough to attend middle & high, undergraduate, and now graduate schools in the U.S. Along the way, I have learned from many friends, teachers, and colleagues that shaped my current “self” today. I can never thank them enough. One specific person I would like to thank is my girlfriend and editor/designer for this website. It wouldn’t look this clean, organized, and functional without her.

At this moment, I am a graduate student in University of Iowa pursuing a PhD. in chemistry. My day-to-day work involves environmental research using a novel microscopy technique to characterize atmospherically-relevant aerosols and particles that are so tiny, traditional optical microscopes cannot even see them. We believe that our research can help us determine how they positively/negatively affect the climate and the atmosphere, and on a bigger picture, help us better understand this thing we call “our world”.